Dec 23

I’m currently blogging about Pop-outs, something that came to me once I uploaded WeChat to my smart phone.

It is a social advertising platform that allows people to interact with each other and share what they are doing with others and have them benefit from the experience.

By scanning QR codes you can collect coupons in your ‘+’ folder in WeChat; much like the stickers and emoticons that are there, but this would be a separate folder. The coupons are not for you; they are only for sending to other people, then they can use them.

So when you buy a shirt you like at H&M; at the bottom of the receipt when purchased or at the end of check out online, there would be a QR code. You scan that it it is uploaded into the ‘+’ folder in your texting options or WeChat or however you text folder. You know your girlfriend also likes H&M so you open your chat with her and send her the coupon.

Now you not only told her you were at H&M but you also said I think this store is cool and I want you to try it because I just sent you a discount.

When the coupon is received by her, she will just see the company logo in her texts, much like when you send a photo. She taps on it and the ad blows up in the screen or Pop-outs. It will say something to the degree of, ‘Merry Christmas with H&M from AC.’ She taps again and the window will change and tell her what the coupon is for; and if you are using an iPhone the coupon will be added to her Passbook. Related apps will be used on other phones.

For twitter users coupons can be bought for mass distribution or group distribution.

This goes in conjunction with Clickboards that act much the same way on your computer that allow you to view multiple views of an add; much like a revolving license plate, in the banner form of advertising: that will then end with a QR code to be scanned and collected to send the coupons to your friends.

Free to use, free to collect, free to send, free to redeem, and then free to collect again. iwww

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Apr 28

It kind of struck me today how easy it is to protect myself in China.  Everyone else who wants to copy me can, because it is just as easy for them to protect themselves as well.  But the thing that is most important impediment that must be in place is to at least keep out your competitors.  Yes I say that everyone can copy a Clickboard, but that they can not copy my logo.   Big deal they will still copy my logo and my moving pointer ‘clicker icon’.  I mean the little hand pointer that moves back and forth encouraging people to click, well I guess that is a given and everyone is going to have to use that.  And the little star at the end saying that the coupon will connect them to, well they might use that too.

And if in the end they do connect the coupons and discounts to my site what am I to do.  Especially if someone keeps redeeming more and more coupons.

Well if in fact I find the technology to tag the coupons that are sent to my site, well guess what, they will also be tagged.  Just like the users who log in to my site, the coupons themselves when connected to my site will have to be logged in.  They will go into a bay at first to be authenticated.  After a few checks for multiples and validity they will then be sent to the users account.  This is in fact the downfall of my site.  Pre-authenticated Clickboards being sent to users profiles so they can earn points and basically live for free.  The bay is the most important element.

But if in fact mobile coupons and Clickboards do in fact get sent to my site there will be no problem.  What you have to see here is that websites will eventually be talking to one another.  There is no more static, there is no interactive, there is now multi-active.  Meaning you will be on more than one website at once.  They will be acting together to produce an end product. All from different suppliers, all for different users.

Just like credit cards verify account balances, websites will be updated continuously based on input, and the output will at the same time be updating a third site, or the congruous site which is the harmonious extension of the site that you are currently experiencing from the meld of sites which you are viewing.

Keeping people out is not a problem.  Having multiple sites acting together is.  But for now, you can practice hacking me when the site is ready, I enjoy the attention and don’t mind the mess, I have time to clean it up and learn from the experience. Hopefully this will happen in the beginning, but that is still a couple months down the road.

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Feb 10

This is really where the ‘social’ part comes into the social shopping networking utility.  As much as you would like to use all the coupons that come to you via and all the ones you save to your account using Clickboards, you are probably going to get more than you need.  They do expire, but why not make the most of them?  In this format you can forward on coupons to friends and people in your network, earning you points.  You can also get points from using the Clickboards around the Internet, and even each time you use the Clickcard when you purchase items.

So what do these points do for you and why should you take the time to manage them and share them?  Well you can use these points for special discounts.  It is like a store where you purchase coupons using your points.  The more points you hand over, the bigger and more special the discounts you can select.

Advertisers can give you points for using the Clickcard on their site and basically the more you get involved with the more points you get.  So the more you control your account and the better the targeting and more sophisticated your filters and the more you open your privacy settings, the more benefit there is for you.

For instance if you sign up your phone with the account you could earn a designated number of points each month.  Imagine going grocery shopping and paying for half your items with preferred customer points.  With more people in your network and the more integrated you become with them, the more potential there is to acquire shared savings.

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