Dec 23

I’m currently blogging about Pop-outs, something that came to me once I uploaded WeChat to my smart phone.

It is a social advertising platform that allows people to interact with each other and share what they are doing with others and have them benefit from the experience.

By scanning QR codes you can collect coupons in your ‘+’ folder in WeChat; much like the stickers and emoticons that are there, but this would be a separate folder. The coupons are not for you; they are only for sending to other people, then they can use them.

So when you buy a shirt you like at H&M; at the bottom of the receipt when purchased or at the end of check out online, there would be a QR code. You scan that it it is uploaded into the ‘+’ folder in your texting options or WeChat or however you text folder. You know your girlfriend also likes H&M so you open your chat with her and send her the coupon.

Now you not only told her you were at H&M but you also said I think this store is cool and I want you to try it because I just sent you a discount.

When the coupon is received by her, she will just see the company logo in her texts, much like when you send a photo. She taps on it and the ad blows up in the screen or Pop-outs. It will say something to the degree of, ‘Merry Christmas with H&M from AC.’ She taps again and the window will change and tell her what the coupon is for; and if you are using an iPhone the coupon will be added to her Passbook. Related apps will be used on other phones.

For twitter users coupons can be bought for mass distribution or group distribution.

This goes in conjunction with Clickboards that act much the same way on your computer that allow you to view multiple views of an add; much like a revolving license plate, in the banner form of advertising: that will then end with a QR code to be scanned and collected to send the coupons to your friends.

Free to use, free to collect, free to send, free to redeem, and then free to collect again. iwww

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Aug 5

Tue, Aug 4, 2009 at 9:04 AM


Were you able to take a look at the slides?  Did the information come across clearly?  Would you find it beneficial to give me the opportunity to expand?  I was hoping next Monday you would be available.


Tue, Aug 4, 2009 at 10:05 AM

Thx for checking back…  yes, I reviewed it.  Not sure I fully understand your rev model yet…  also, can you better explain the sales model?  Who do you sell to and how to do you sell to them and what the sales costs are?


Tue, Aug 4, 2009 at 3:21 PM


I sell to the coupon advertiser every click on their Clickboard ad that I make them.  The cost to me is the placement of the ads on various host sites.  Whether the host website charges a monthly rate, pay-per-click, cost per action, or impressions; the Clickboard will in the end cost more (more clicks).   I recoupe the amount from the advertiser that the Clickboard garners over the host placement cost.

Coupon collection and management is not limited to but can be incorporated within many social networking utilities as you can see with the one slide I gave you.  All coupons when accessed and used from the phone, I would pay mInfo for this service.  This actually makes the service free to the user.

Hope this adds to the picture,

Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 10:57 AM


Basically I am at a never loss scenario and you are at an always win scenario.

I do not lose money from the placement of ads.  I make money when coupons are acquired.  And I only pay you when a coupon is used.

However, I do need your help with the initial set up.

I was also thinking I could work for you as your mGuanxi representative creating traffic on the website and encouraging people to use the current service until this new project can be established.


Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 12:15 PM

Let’s talk more when you are in town.

Btw, are you thinking of moving to SH or doing all this in tianjing?

Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 12:36 PM

If I were to leave the magazine it would create quite a stir as to what I am doing next in Tianjin which could prove beneficial in this local market.

To enable Clickboards I believe I would need to spend time in Shanghai but would later like to retreat back to Tianjin.  I find Tianjin a good test market if it could be isolated smoothly, before tackling the myriad of clients in Shanghai.

Tentatively I could be in town on the 14th to the 17th.


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Jul 13

Alvin wrote me, “Quickly scanned your materials, but didn’t have time to fully dig in and digest all the materials. Would be helpful if you just sent me 5 slides telling me what you are proposing, how we could help each other and the benefits/cists to each side.”

The last part got me thinking, ‘the benefits to each side.’  My current thinking has been very one sided.  I wanted him to hire me and support me as I developed and integrated Clickboards into his platform.  But what do I get out of it? A salary and advertising shares?  Well that is not exactly a trade.  I mean I have to do business with the guy and show there is a future with my involvement and provide some measure of growth for his products.

So it struck me.  I can approach Alvin saying that I want to add a Clickboard portal to your website.  I could explain the benefits to him and how this will help spur his current business.  But here is where the real opportunity comes in.  The Clickboard portal can be added to any community site whether it be local, national, or global.  People can manage their Clickboards at any and everyone of these portals no matter which website they are on.  Granted each Clickboard portal will be tailored to the site that it is on and the management of the coupons will be more in line with the site they are on, but the access to all their coupons from Clickboards across the Internet is universal.  And this will be key to Alvin.

Any and all Clickbaords can be redeemed using Alvin’s mGuanxi mobile media application.  So now I am not stuck to supporting one website but able to grow the Clickboard portal across the web while it is hosted by other people’s websites, now all of them will be integrated for the use of one easy to use phone application, produced and manned by Alvin.

Now I just have to come up with those five slides.

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Apr 29

At this link you can see how one website is embedded in another.  The secondary site is completely functional within its embedded location.  The only thing that refreshes is the embedded site.

Now imagine a site that is made up of several embedded sites.  For easy understanding take the ads as my first example.  All the ads on the site will be there own websites.  When I sell advertisements I will give the buyer a list of sizes for the Clickboard spaces on my site as they will change depending on interaction.  Then the advertiser will create various websites based on those sizes able to transform if the workspace transform but continue with their current operations where it left off from the last interaction.  They will be completely functional all the way to acquisition of coupons or even redemption of coupons and sale.  All without disturbing the rest of the site.

Now imagine all the coupons you will be receiving.  They will all have to be filed and organized for better use and sharing.  Part of the window will be a file folder system that one is instructed to create to categorize coupons into various folders as business, shopping, groceries, and leisure to name a few.  Then to manage the folder the contents can be exported to the main platform, again a different website, in the middle of the screen.  There you will have options to tag, find out more, share, extend expiration dates, etc.

I really need to draw a picture.  But the seperate windows all have to be able to take on different sizes as users switch between contents.  It is much easier to explain in person.

So if there are three websites all making up, they will all share the control panel platform.  Each linked and able to update themselves based on input from other parts of the control panel.  Even actions in multiple zones will have an overall effect within the control panel.  This allows for much more accessibility, ease of use, and immediate results upon your actions.  I even want a drag and drop option so files and folders or coupons can be placed in desired locations easily without file location menus like on a normal desktop.  The working area is flat.  I think that is the biggest difference from the desktop of most computers.  But the working area can be guided through multiple actions at once, that is the biggest difference than your browser.

And the work area continuously changes. Transforming certain sections in size depending on your current operations.  For example the mail can be listed as to what you are reading, down to in box, down to in folders, down to a menu item on your screen, thus taking up half a page, to a quarter page, to and eighth page, to a one word link.  Thus the rest of your operating control panel also shifts with the information displayed.  This may seem common place actually, and I really hope it is,  basically the changes are a compilation of several operations.  I hope to have a drawn representation soon to post.

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