Dec 15

I’m sorry I’m too brief… but this only the beginning!

If you remember pop-ups, everyone hated them.  They were taken off the market by demand.  The end of story, they were outlawed.  I don’t know if it was government demand, production design ordinance, or just common courtesy.  But they are a thing of the past.

So online advertising has been stuck in the trenches for a long time running banner ads and stuck to impressions of the ads on websites and click through rates.  Clicks are a thing of the past; but not for me.  I still stand by my clickboards. I still believe clicks are the best way to judge advertising.  But again as first said this is only counted if someone clicks on your ad as Google lives by.

So we don’t like to click banners because it takes us to a different page.  Yea, that sucks.  I was just in the middle of something and you interested me in the same thing in a targeted market and I want to see what you have without leaving my page mark and clicking back, back, back, to get back to where I was just so I can see your site.  That was the whole point of Flash based advertising for Clickboards on Desktop and Laptops.  You can still get all the information about an ad clicking it multiple times as it turns inside its designated area on the page giving you slightly more information each time as you click and the banner turns over and shows the next banner without leaving the page.

This is still viable.


So now for the Pop-outs.  These are for mobile and tablet units.  The ads on mobile and tablets are small and very hard to see if any.  Well now if and I do say if you do see an ad on a mobile device you can click on it and then a POP-OUT will appear with the first page of the ad, if you want to see more about the ad or coupon you can click on it again… this goes back to my flash on mobile devices post… and you can one click at a time see more information about the ad as you go through the images of the ad.  You can even enter your phone number in the ad, or it can recognize you and take your information, and then when your done the ad will disappear and you will continue on the surf site you were on.

How easy is that… Pop-outs

It’s like having two webpages open at once on your mobile device… or three or four right on one screen.


Please respond and I will clarify.

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Dec 8

This graph shows the amount CPM’s cost per industry, some a little over $12 and some only $3.  I will have to go back and reference this factoid but only 2% of all ads on the Internet are clicked on only once.  So if we take the first ten industries giving us ten industry CPMs and say ten advertisers per industry that would give us 100 ads and 100,000 views.  Now only 2 of those ads would be clicked on.  The total for the ten industries is $76.13 and the total for the 100 ads comes to $761.30 for the 100,000 views meaning each click is then worth $380.65.  I could fly to Singapore for that.

Basically the cost per click method is way more valuable than CPM.  I don’t know why more people don’t use it!

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Dec 5

Is there anything other than Word or SMS or RSS?Yea Apple has Pages but still my point is that nothing on the Internet is anything more than a puffed out Word document with pictures and tables, still just a word document.  All that is on the phone is instant messages. All that is on the Internet are feeds and RSS.   And who wants to get between this? Everybody!  So can you actually tell me that when an advertiser makes an ad on the Internet that it will actually fit in with the conversation?  Is the ad on the right hand side of the page going to add to the graduate students thesis paper, are the ads sent in between text messages going to add to the party and the pizza they are ordering?  Probably not.  If ads want to go anywhere, they need to step back and find out the basis of computing for normal people.  Right now the hot trend is to get people to incorporate themselves into the ads by sending them on to friends.  Did you know that only 2% of all ads on the Internet are clicked on only and at least once?  So all this hype about people interacting with the ads on social media is only about, well I can’t even do the numbers, but a very small amount.  And they say this is where the future is going.

If you want to find the future, you have to get back to the basics.  Think of it in terms of Word and SMS.  Would I literally write my grandmother a letter saying I used something?  Or would I literally write my friend that I love to rent movies from a certain place just because, and not because it is the closest?  The big big dollars are being mounted on less and less supports.  And yes there is strangely absurd correct placement of advertisements on the web these days with re-targeting technology and

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Jul 9

I found a really cool feature on Google Analytics.  I can actually follow someone as they travel through my site going from page to page.  It shows me the percent of people who clicked on different links on a particular page.  So as Alvin and his company from Shanghai traversed my site on Tuesday I could actually follow them as the went from home screen to Clickcard, to Clickboards, to the About page and then the the Clickcard category and so forth.  I couldn’t tell which exact button was clicked by who because there was more than one person searching my site that day, but I could see two or three distinct paths.

The problem however is when they visited the Clickboard page.  The Clickboards are supposed to be ads.  Now Google Analytics will track ads but they have to be registered.  My Clickboards are not registered, so I was unable to see if they clicked on them and how many times and how far they went through the Clickboards.  Very upsetting because that was kind of the point of their visit.  Tomorrow I will have to find out how to register my Clickboards with the Google Analytics.  My first assumption is to add the tag to the Flash coding and then repost them.  And another way is somehow with this WordPress site.  It has an ad tracker too but haven’t explored this in detail yet.  Both options seem viable but I like the new Google Analytics tool so I am going to explore that first.

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