Apr 1

I’ve been trying to contact and get a job with Facebook about my idea; my idea startup.

Let’s say you are at a restaurant and like what you are eating, even a peddler stand. So you take a picture of the QR code on your meal receipt or QR code on a name card from the peddler selling you a sliced pork sandwich. You send that to someone you think will like a coupon for that same meal. You can’t use that coupon scanned by the QR code; only the person that receives it can use it or send it then again to someone else who might like it.

That QR code gives them a map to where you ate and gives prices to other decisions and bla bla bla about how good it is. So they now can use that QR code where you went to eat, buy clothing, buy electronics for repairs, buy ornaments for their house, buy plane tickets.

Then that moment where you shared your purchase and additional coupon that you shared with your friend shows up in your feed.

Depending on the action people take upon you sharing that coupon with one friend who can now use that discount is rewarded.

That coupon is redeemable for anyone it end up with. But all the interaction that coupon creates by ending up and your feed and passed on to someone who actually wants that coupon builds points.

Once coupon is used you are rewarded with points to your account.

Now I have to explain WHITE LABEL RESELLER. These are the agents that go out and set up this whole POP-OUTS system. Think of exporters. They can not contact the shipping company directly. They have to contact freight forwarders. White Label Resellers are the same.

The QR Codes have to be bought from Google. The QR code is what saves the information of direction, picture of products in the stores or food, and the actual discount being delivered to the friend. These are very special QR codes depending on promotional campaign by the companies. The White Label Reseller manages these accounts for as big of a territory he can manage.

The White Label Reseller manages his accounts and the points from all his accounts. Because all the retailers work through the resellers all the points are the same and can be redeemed by the SENDER of the coupons when they share their experiences of buying things and cool things and cool places. So points can be redeemed by all POP-OUT RETAILERS.

The reward goes to the FRIEND, RETAILER, BUYER in return. This is the SOCIAL, SAVINGS, SHARING, SERVICE.

I have PPTs if you like more visual information about both the POP-OUTS and WHITE LABEL RESELLERS.

This works online too and for big businesses for mass promotions.

I think I have been complete in my demonstration and request a meeting.

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Jan 5

Good Morning,

I’d like you to pay special attention to my work on Advertual.com where I blog about social coupons.  I believe I’ve hit the nail on the head to put the bang in the advertising buck.  To be brief:

1.  Someone makes a purchase for something they like and on the receipt or on the check out counter is a QR code that signifies the store or purchase.

2. They scan the QR code and it goes into their texting stickers and emoticons library like on WeChat.

3. They can share that QR code with someone they choose and it is sent and deleted.

4. Friend receives coupon and can review it and use it or send it on to another friend.

5. When coupon is used another code can be collected

This is a highly moldable concept for large or small clients.  This also creates room for ‘White Label Resellers’, so anyone can help Coupons.com make more coupons for their network and product base.

Also, please disregard Until-Vivid.com

Best Regards,


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Jan 3

I was looking at the website Trumpia which a service for B2C where they can reach the customers from mobile, laptop, voice, social media and as a White Label Reseller I could design campaigns for small businesses.

However, I don’t think that once the QR codes are scanned at the small business, and the coupons are collected, that they can be unable to be used by the scanner but only able to be used by the friends that they forward the QR codes to; I’m going to have to make a phone call tonight.

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Dec 30

Talk about leaving the refrigerator door open and Google Glass and Pop-outs.

In the future people are just going to go shopping in their home for groceries, leaving the door open and while the QR codes facing the cam on the glass scan each other you can see what is low and what needs to be bought.  Shopping lists will be created by talking to the glass and saying what will be for dinner over the next week.  Then the scanner will direct you through your cabinets to see if you have everything to make it throughout the week.

You can even scan your old coupons for great places to go out and eat and plan that on your family nights and make reservations.

That would be for my mom, but lets take Dad for example.

He finds everything online, just like rebuilding an old car.  This takes time and patience.  So out with the old and in with the new.  He needs help; seriously he does.  He likes brainiacks.  So how do I get my Dad in touch with a brainiack early in the morning when he jumps into the pool naked, no matter what time of year?  Well he reads the newspaper and QR Codes could be imbedded in his newspaper so as he reads they scan them and profile him.  Stores outer windows could have QR Codes outside and replicate what time of day he shows up to find a product.  Products that are over used or simply need to be returned could send reminders to him because he was wearing the glass.

This will all be done automatically and yes, as an article on LinkedIn said; things will get smart.  Things will remind my dad where they are in the house, if I used them, if I put them back… and if they need to be returned and where is the receipt to return them.  Penny pinchers delight! :) My Dad could sell everything in the house and post them to Ebay and Craig’s list just by looking at them and snapping some photos.

So now who is crazy Dad, you with all your techno advantages and the Internet solves everything or me… Nature Boy?

Oh and all this goodness is created by Pop-Outs in the glasses.  Probably should have mentioned that earlier… so if you are still reading you will see I went back and plugged Pop-outs.


Oh yea, hey bro on LinkedIn that works for Google and you are the CEO of Google Glass, Pop-out master reaches out to you.  Up, out and beyond.

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